Its an API world. There are roughly 19,946 APIs in the world. Every day thousands of products, services and customer experiences are built and delivered by developers relying on accessing data thru APIs. This programmable world, however, with its relatively seamless, automated flow of data, still has a very old process to access and if necessary, pay for these APIs.

At Suredbits, we believe there is a better, more logical way for machines to interact and empower developers to create. We believe that the power of cryptocurrencies can play a vital role in that transformation.

So we have built have the first Lightning App for streaming data feeds.

The Lightning Network protocol is built on top of the Bitcoin protocol the provides scalability, lowers the costs per transaction while maintaining the security of the core Bitcoin blockchain while empowering fast, quick transactions.

We are bringing those advantages to the world of data and APIs.

With the v.0 release we will be implementing the foundation to enable us to provide data feeds across sports, cryptocurrencies, financial data and other feeds people want. At launch, we will be testing using our National Football League data. Users will have access to data feeds around “Games”, “Players”, “Teams” and “Stats” data.

We will explore and go more in-depth on the technology in subsequent posts. For now we want to highlight that Suredbits is but one part of a broad, robust ecosystem of passionate and committed people looking to build and expand the capability of Bitcoin and Lightning. Some of the key contributors and developers are AcinqChristian Decker and everyone at BlockstreamElizabeth Stark and the team at Lightning Labs, and Alex Bosworth to name a few.

We invite you to check out our API documentation and explore our lightning app for data feeds.

If you’re interested in chatting more about Lightning Network technology or crypto tech in general, you can find us on Twitter @Suredbits or join our Suredbits Slack community.