SEC Broker-Dealer Custody of Digital Assets

On July 8, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a statement regarding the complexity around digital assets and the broker-dealer relationship.  The SEC did not put forth new rules or guidelines. Rather, they articulated some of the issues under …

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Lightning Network

Bezos and Crypto Revisited

Since originally publishing our “Bezos and Crypto” series in the fall of 2018, Bitcoin market cap has increased approximately 70% to $183,289,192,185. The number of Lightning nodes (that we know of) with channels increased 170% for a total of 4,498 …

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Encryption and Lightning Paywalls

Introduction There are many applications that monetize some form of digital data to users in the form of blog posts, games, videos, music, live data, and much more. One of the most common strategies for monetizing digital data is through …

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Market Data Fees And Lightning

Market Data Fees and Lightning On May 21, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued guidance on what exchanges must demonstrate in order for the Commission to approve a market data fee increase for data products and services. This …

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Aligning Exchange Incentivizes Using Lightning

Lightning is an extremely powerful technology to align incentives for digital resources such as APIs. Last June, BitMEX — one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges — announced that data was dropped from their websocket api because of system overload. …

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Bitcoin vs Lightning Fees

We’ve written a number of posts explaining and discussing how Lightning can help individual traders as well as exchanges have a better trading experience and make more money.   The current bitcoin bull market serves as a convenient opportunity to highlight …

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Announcement: API Pricing Change

Our mission is to democratize data.  We strongly believe data should be more available to more people.  And that people should be able to use and only pay for the data they want.  As part of that mission, we are …

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Crypto data API

Lightning API: Moving to Mainnet

Today we are moving our Lightning application for data feeds to the Bitcoin mainnet blockchain. This marks a significant step in the growth of Lightning for data feeds and we are excited to share this with our customers and the crypto technology …

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Suredbits 2018: Year In Review

2018 was a pivotal year for Suredbits. With the release and growth of Lightning Network technology in late 2017, we were able to fully begin making our vision of democratized data a reality. While there were many milestones (and long …

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