Welcome to SuredBits' API documentation. This API allows you to query sports data, including teams, players, games, scores, and statistics.

Currently, our API supports NFL and NBA data.


Requests are structured as follows:


Weekly Update

The NFL API is updated weekly on Tuesdays at 1800 UTC to reflect week-to-week changes.


An example request to find Tom Brady of the New England Patriots:


// 20161013150130
// http://api.suredbits.com/nfl/v0/players/brady/tom

    "weight": 225,
    "profileId": 2504211,
    "gsisName": "T.Brady",
    "uniformNumber": 12,
    "fullName": "Tom Brady",
    "height": 76,
    "lastName": "Brady",
    "firstName": "Tom",
    "birthDate": "8/3/1977",
    "profileUrl": "http://www.nfl.com/player/tombrady/2504211/profile",
    "status": "Active",
    "team": "NE",
    "playerId": "00-0019596",
    "position": "QB",
    "yearsPro": 17,
    "college": "Michigan"

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