Lightning 201: Failover Node Demonstration

In our previous Lightning 201 posts we have explored a variety of considerations and challenges that need to be addressed to be able to properly failover over a Lightning node.  Safely Access Remote Lightning Databases Failover Strategies For Lightning Nodes …

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Lightning 201: High Frequency Trading

Lightning 201 Series: Safely Access Remote Lightning Databases Failover Strategies For Lightning Nodes Lightning Latency Cryptocurrency markets are fundamentally different in market structure than traditional markets. One of the most unique things about bitcoin is the new market structure it …

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Lightning Data

Lightning 201: Lightning Latency

In previous Lightning 201 articles we have written about changing how our Lightning nodes database works. Currently both Eclair and C-lightning use a SQLite3 database by default to store information related to their channels. Since SQLite cannot be used as …

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Suredbits Lightning Network

Lightning 201: Safely Accessing Remote Lightning Databases

High-Frequency Trading Lightning Latency Failover Strategies for Lightning Nodes Previously in our Lightning 201 series we discussed failover strategies for a Lightning node. The first thing necessary to safely failover a Lightning node is move the database to a remote …

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Lightning 201: Failover Strategies For Lightning Nodes

High-Frequency Trading Safely Access Remote Lightning Databases Lightning Latency Lightning Network adoption continues to proliferate in 2019. Last week Bitfinex was the first major exchange to adopt Lightning as a way to transfer BTC. Now you can deposit and withdraw …

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