Lightning Data

Historical Crypto Data On Lightning

Whether an advanced technical trader with years of experience or someone who is just starting out, one thing is critical to successful trading strategies: data. Specifically, historical data.  Regardless if one is trading equities, bonds, currencies, derivatives or crypto assets, …

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At Suredbits, we use the Lightning Network to create monetized data services. We currently have Lightning APIs selling NFL and NBA stats as well as cryptocurrency market data. In the future, we think that Lightning will be used to monetize …

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Announcement: Historical Crypto Prices API

We are pleased to announce our new service for historical cryptocurrency prices is available on our beta Lightning API application. The Historical Prices API will support all of our current Spot and Futures exchange trading pairs for the years 2018 …

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Encryption and Lightning Paywalls

Introduction There are many applications that monetize some form of digital data to users in the form of blog posts, games, videos, music, live data, and much more. One of the most common strategies for monetizing digital data is through …

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Aligning Exchange Incentivizes Using Lightning

Lightning is an extremely powerful technology to align incentives for digital resources such as APIs. Last June, BitMEX — one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges — announced that data was dropped from their websocket api because of system overload. …

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Crypto data API

Crypto Exchange API Update: Euro Trading Pairs

We are excited to announce support for Euro trading pairs on our Crypto Spot Exchange API Service.  Euro trading pairs are some of the most liquid and popular assets for traders.   With this update, we now offer a total of …

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Crypto Exchange API Update: EOS Support

We are pleased to announce the addition of EOS to the Suredbits Crypto Spot Exchange API and Crypto Futures Exchange API.  EOS has an approximately $4.8 billion market cap and averages roughly $90 million 24 hour trading volume on our represented exchanges. …

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How Do Submarine Swaps Work?

Submarine Swaps is a novel way of bridging the gap between the Lightning Network and onchain Bitcoin blockchain funds. The scenario is as follows: Alice and Bob has a Lightning Network channel. All the money is on Alice’s side, and …

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Crypto Exchange API Update: Litecoin Support

We are pleased to announce the addition of Litecoin to the Suredbits Crypto Spot Exchange API and Crypto Futures Exchange API. Litecoin has a $5.6 billion market cap with roughly $2.4 billion 24 hour trading volume. With the addition of Litecoin, our Spot and …

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