Non custodial bitcoin derivatives


Scala Implementation of the Bitcoin Protocol

Custom Solutions

We offer custom solutions and consulting to help get you and your business started in Crypto and Lightning technology.

Why Discreet Log Contracts?

DLCs enables developers to make bitcoin payments based on an oracle's signature. This can be used to construct forwards, options and contracts for difference that are settled in bitcoin with minimized counterparty trust.

Customized derivatives

Custom payout curve based on oracle’s outcome

Trust Minimized Derivatives

No single user of a DLC controls access to the bitcoin while awaiting settlement


The oracle is has no way to prove you used them for settlement


Refund mechanisms are built into every Discreet Log Contract

Easy to Experiment

Try your hand at financial engineering by making a custom Discreet Log Contract


Discreet Log Contracts are built on top of the bitcoin blockchain


What We Do

We are a team of developers helping build the Discreet Log Contract specification. We also help users and businesses develop custom financial engineering solutions for problems that arise when dealing with bitcoin.


Our Team

Chris Stewart


Chris has been involved in the cryptocurrency industry since 2013.  He founded Suredbits in 2015 and was a member of Boost VC’s first crypto accelerator cohort.  Chris has integrated bitcoin-s into some of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. In his free time he contributes to bitcoin core, the backbone of the bitcoin network. Chris is also one of the earliest adopters and champions of the Lightning Network. Chris holds degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Iowa.

Nadav Kohen

Software Engineer

Nadav joined the Suredbits team in 2018.  Nadav is one of the core architects behind the Discreet Log Contract protocol. He is active in bitcoin, lightning and DLC research.

Roman Taranchenko

Software Engineer

Roman joined the Suredbits team in 2019.  He is a senior software engineer with deep experience building high performing APIs, data structures and services and possesses extensive knowledge of Scala.  He is a veteran of multiple startups. Roman has contributed to the Eclair Lightning implementation by ACINQ.

Ben Carman

Software Engineer

Ben joined the Suredbits team in 2019.  Ben has been involved in Bitcoin since 2017 contributing to a number of open source projects.  He is passionate about building decentralized systems and working on Lightning. Ben graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Computer Science.

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