Lightning Data

Historical Crypto Data On Lightning

Whether an advanced technical trader with years of experience or someone who is just starting out, one thing is critical to successful trading strategies: data. Specifically, historical data.  Regardless if one is trading equities, bonds, currencies, derivatives or crypto assets, …

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Announcement: Crypto Futures API Release

Today we are excited to release our new Crypto Futures API. This new service will enable users to query for Futures contracts data using our standard channels: “Tickers”, “Trades” and “Books”. Our initial release will have Bitmex and Kraken exchanges. We …

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Crypto data API

Lightning API: Moving to Mainnet

Today we are moving our Lightning application for data feeds to the Bitcoin mainnet blockchain. This marks a significant step in the growth of Lightning for data feeds and we are excited to share this with our customers and the crypto technology …

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Cryptocurrency API Update

We’ve been working diligently to build our first consolidated cryptocurrency exchange API for the Lightning Network. We wanted to provide a quick update on where things are to date. We are doing this iteratively. We are very close to having …

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Suredbits Lightning Data App: The Basics

The following is a brief walkthrough of how our lightning app for data feeds works. Of course, developers can implement this programmatically as well. After you have connected to our Suredbits lightning node: You can then connect via websocket …

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Lightning App for Data

Its an API world. There are roughly 19,946 APIs in the world. Every day thousands of products, services and customer experiences are built and delivered by developers relying on accessing data thru APIs. This programmable world, however, with its relatively seamless, automated …

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