We are pleased to announce our new service for historical cryptocurrency prices is available on our beta Lightning API application.

The Historical Prices API will support all of our current Spot and Futures exchange trading pairs for the years 2018 and 2019.

Users can query for the exchange they want, the trading pair, what year and by three different periods: daily, weekly or monthly.

Parameters Example
exchange binance, coinbase, kraken, gemini, etc…
year 2018, 2019
period daily, weekly, monthly


For additional information on the technology that empowers this service check out our post on PAID APIs.

The Historical API service is live on our Playground.  Note, we strive to provide as complete and accurate data as possible.  However,  users may discover gaps in some date ranges, particularly for 2018.

For now pricing is $.0001 per call.

We are excited to bring this service to developers and crypto enthusiast using Lightning technology.  We are committed to building open and secure data products and services for developers.

For complete information on our Historical Prices API,  check out our API documentation here.

Contact us @Suredbits

You can connect to our Lightning node at the url:


To learn more about how our Lightning APIs work please visit our API documentation or checkout our new websocket playground to start exploring custom data feeds.

If you are a company or cryptocurrency exchange interested in learning more about how Lightning can help grow your business, contact us at [email protected].