websocket playground

API Websocket Playground

Our new websocket playground application is live. The playground will help developers explore, test and familiarize themselves with our API services. All our current datasets – Crypto Exchange, NFL and NBA – are available along with their respective channels. Developers …

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Crypto data API

Lightning API: Moving to Mainnet

Today we are moving our Lightning application for data feeds to the Bitcoin mainnet blockchain. This marks a significant step in the growth of Lightning for data feeds and we are excited to share this with our customers and the crypto technology …

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Crypto Exchange API Update: Bitstamp

We are pleased to announce the addition of Bitstamp to the Suredbits Crypto Exchange API. Based in the U.K., Bitstamp is one of the leading exchanges since 2011 in the cryptocurrency industry with an estimated daily volume of $77,000,000. We will initially support the …

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Cryptocurrency Exchange API Release

Today we are excited to announce the release of our cryptocurrency exchange market data api that is monetized with the Lightning Network. The API is currently available on Bitcoin’s test network. BTCUSD, BTCUSDT ETHUSD, ETHUSDT BTCETH We are going to …

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Crypto Exchange API Demo

We are making significant progress in building our Cryptocurrency Exchange API using the Lightning Network. We put together a quick video focusing on the “Order Books” channel. However, the core logic and structure will be similar for our other Crypto …

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NBA API On Lightning Network

We are excited to announce our NBA Websocket API is now live. Like our NFL API, it is built using the Lightning Network on the Bitcoin protocol. It is currently available for free on testnet so people can play around test their apps …

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NBA Data Lightning App Preview

Disclaimer: While we are super excited to bring NBA data to our customers, this is a work in progress and changes and edits will be made before we go live. Over the summer, we released our NFL data feed built using the …

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Bezos and Crypto: Changing the Data Business Model (Part 3)

“Big things start small. The biggest oak starts from an acorn,” — Jeff Bezos Bezos and Crypto: Changing the Data Business Model (Part 2). Bezos and Crypto: Changing the Data Business Model (Part 1). The past couple of weeks have been reacting to …

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Cryptocurrency API Update

We’ve been working diligently to build our first consolidated cryptocurrency exchange API for the Lightning Network. We wanted to provide a quick update on where things are to date. We are doing this iteratively. We are very close to having …

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