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Schnorr Security Part 2: From ID to Signature

In the last blog post, we began laying out the groundwork for what will become an argument that Schnorr signatures are secure. We discovered the Schnorr Identity Protocol and proved that it is secure and correct (specifically Complete, Sound, and …

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Schnorr Security Part 1: Schnorr ID Protocol

In the previous post of our introductory Schnorr series, we discussed the definition of Schnorr signatures and tried to build some intuition as to how Schnorr signatures work by looking at a sequence of choices that could have led us …

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Lightning 101: Why Lightning Network Is Secure?

This is the seventh installment in our Lightning 101 series. To see previous installments click any of the links below What is the Lightning Network What is a Lightning Node What is a Lightning Invoice What are Lightning Channels What …

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