Today we are excited to release our new Crypto Futures API. This new service will enable users to query for Futures contracts data using our standard channels: “Tickers”, “Trades” and “Books”. Our initial release will have Bitmex and Kraken exchanges.

We will offer support for the following Futures trading contracts at launch:

For the Bitmex exchange:

  • BTC to USD — Perpetual, Quarterly and Biquarterly
  • ETH to USD — Perpetual
  • ETH to BTC — Quarterly

For the Kraken exchange:

  • BTC to USD — Monthly, Quarterly and Perpetual
  • ETH to USD — Monthly, Quarterly and Perpetual

Futures contracts are some of the most interesting and valuable instruments for traders and drive significant market activity. With today’s announcement, we are providing a data feed view into roughly over $1 billion in average daily trading volume.

All of our API services are built using Lightning technology and the Lightning Network. The API is currently available on Bitcoin’s mainnet. You can connect to our Lightning node at the url:

To learn more about how our Lightning APIs work please visit our API documentation or checkout our new websocket playground to start exploring right away.

You can also watch our video series that provides a walkthrough of how our Lightning application for APIs works:

1. Creating a market data subscription
2. Refilling your market data subscription
3. Receiving a refund for your market data subscription

With the addition of Crypto Futures, we now offer data feeds for Crypto Exchange currencies, the National Football League (NFL) and the National Basketball Association (NBA).

If you’re interested in chatting more about Lightning Network technology or if you just want to talk about crypto in general, you can find us on Twitter @Suredbits or join our Suredbits Slack community.