Disclaimer: While we are super excited to bring NBA data to our customers, this is a work in progress and changes and edits will be made before we go live.

Over the summer, we released our NFL data feed built using the Lightning Network. We will soon be releasing our NBA data feed built using the same Lightning Network. We wanted to take a moment and share with you a quick preview of what you can expect to see and find with our first NBA data feed.

As with the NFL data feed, we will release on Testnet initially and eventually will move to Mainnet.

Those familiar with our NFL feed will find familiar websocket channels: Games, Players, Team and Stats. We will have complete data for all teams and players going back to the 2016 season to current.

The following are excerpts that will be available via our API documentation page.

Games channel will be searchable by year, month and day.

NBA example Games requests

Players channel for NBA will be like our NFL feed. It will be the simple and straightforward individual player search based on firstName and lastName.

NBA data sampel requests

Here is a snapshot sample of Kevin Durant’s statistics from Players channel:

Likewise, Teams channel will allow you to pull data in a variety of ways. You will be able to get data for rosters, pull schedules by teamId and have an option to parse by season (starting in 2016).

Teams Channel for NBA Data Lightning App

For Stats channel, there will be two methods to retrieve data: by game and player ID or by individual player names.

Stats Channel for NBA Data Lightning App

Stats Channel for NDA Data Lightning App

Here is another sample snapshot of data for Lebron James for a specific game from our “Stats” channel:

Lebron James’ Stats

Have any thoughts or feedback or just want to talk about NBA and NFL, we would love to hear from you and get your thoughts. Feel free to connect with us on Twitter @Suredbits or join our Suredbits Slack community.