Lightning Network

Bezos and Crypto Revisited

Since originally publishing our “Bezos and Crypto” series in the fall of 2018, Bitcoin market cap has increased approximately 70% to $183,289,192,185. The number of Lightning nodes (that we know of) with channels increased 170% for a total of 4,498 …

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Encryption and Lightning Paywalls

Introduction There are many applications that monetize some form of digital data to users in the form of blog posts, games, videos, music, live data, and much more. One of the most common strategies for monetizing digital data is through …

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Bezos and Crypto: Changing the Data Business Model (Part 3)

“Big things start small. The biggest oak starts from an acorn,” — Jeff Bezos Bezos and Crypto: Changing the Data Business Model (Part 2). Bezos and Crypto: Changing the Data Business Model (Part 1). The past couple of weeks have been reacting to …

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“But how do users sign up?”

Lately we have been speaking with many businesses and potential partners about how the Lightning Network could help their business by opening up their APIs to a broader audience, expanding channels, and creating new revenue opportunities. As expected, there are …

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Crypto Data and API Monetization

At Suredbits, we believe the future of crypto is closely aligned with the future of data. Not just in how we store data but how it is shared, distributed, consumed, and paid for. Many of the fundamental models of how …

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Crypto data API

Micro-Transactions with Crypto

One of the core motivations behind our launch of our lightning application for data feeds was the ability for people to access data in a form not currently available. Namely, via a “metered” system as opposed to a more traditional …

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