We are pleased to announce our NBA Data API is now fully updated and available for the 2019-2020 National Basketball Association season.

We will support all of our standard channels for all NBA Games, Players, Teams and Stats. Likewise, we will support all current queries so you can fully customize your data requests and receive – and only pay – for the data you want. This update also includes a move to our new “PAID” API standard.

Data Types

teamId CHILALATL, etc. 
firstName KevinLebronZion, etc.
lastName Durant, JamesWilliamson, etc.
retrieve rosterschedule
year 20182017 2016, etc.
month 2610, etc.
day 31425, etc.
gameId 21800280
playerId 201142


PAID APIs represent the most efficient and secure method of sending and receiving data. As with our NFL API and Historical Crypto Data API, moving our NBA service to the “PAID” standard, customers will receive the data they request and pay for both securely and reliably – even in the event of a server outage or disruption. For a complete explanation of PAID APIs, see our write-up detailing them here.

** Please note that our former NBA Websocket API service will be deprecated and no longer supported.

** Also note that we currently do not have a client side library available.

** Last, the new PAID NBA API is not yet available on our websocket playground.

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All of our API services, for both Cryptocurrency APIs as well as Sports APIs, are built using Lightning technology and the Lightning Network. All API services are live on Bitcoin’s mainnet. Our fully customizable data service allows customers to stream as much or as little data as they wish and pay using bitcoin.

You can connect to our Lightning node at the url:


To learn more about how our Lightning APIs work please visit our API documentation or checkout our Websocket Playground to start exploring fully customized data feeds.

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