This past weekend (Oct 19 and 20) the Suredbits team attended the first ever Lightning Conference in Berlin.

The full lineup included speakers from startups, venture funds, independent developers, Bitcoin maximalist and everything in between.

Complimenting the main conference were a Startup Showcase and Lightning Developers Meetup hosted by Bitcoin Lab Berlin.

There were teams working on wallets with enhanced functionality and privacy, game developers building the next generation of gaming infrastructure, proposals for protocol enhancements that offer greater reliability, speed and privacy, ideas for Lightning businesses, decentralized exchanges, and insights from venture capitalist on raising funds and market perspectives.

The speakers and demos were educational and thought provoking. However, perhaps the most valuable aspect of the conference was the unique opportunity to meet and share ideas with a diverse group of individuals. Many of them experienced bitcoin developers and contributors as well as members of Crypto Exchanges.

It is worth noting that it was also a very down to earth conference. Meaning, there were no illusions about the difficulties and challenges ahead. This was not a marketing and promotional summit with people peddling their random shitcoins. On the contrary, this was a working conference. Participants were realistic about the work and challenges ahead for Lightning. But much has already been accomplished and the energy and collaboration is cause for optimism.

Suredbit’s was pleased to contribute to the conference with a couple talks of our own. On day one, our founder and CEO Chris Stewart discussed the details on the critical importance of private key management for Crypto Exchanges looking to integrate Lightning. On day two, Suredbit’s Software Engineer Nadav Kohen spoke about the benefits of Payment Points and the technical details behind its implementation.

Lightning For Exchanges SeriesChris Stewart

Payment Points SeriesNadav Kohen

There are too many people to thank for bringing everything together to make this event happen. But a couple people we would specifically like to thank are Elizabeth Stark (@starkness) and Desiree Dickerson (@dickerson_des) with Lightning Labs, Stephan Livera (@stephanlivera), and Fulmo (@fulmolightning) for all their work.  Here is a complete list of sponsors and presenters – we encourage you to check it out and follow them.

In summary, the first ever Lightning Conference was full of intelligent, creative people from all spectrums of professional and personal backgrounds; committed to reckless experimentation and relentless pursuit of a better, more private financial system. We were pleased to share our ideas and are thankful to all those who contributed in making this event a success.  We eagerly look forward to Lightning Conference 2020!

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