We are pleased to announce the addition of Ripple (“XRP”) to the Suredbits Crypto Spot Exchange API and Crypto Futures Exchange API.  Ripple has an approximately $13.5 billion market cap and averages roughly $85.2 million 24 hour trading volume on our represented exchanges.

Here is a snapshot of the trading pairs supported for Ripple:

Spot Exchange:
Futures Exchange:

For complete information on trading pairs and supporting exchanges, please refer to our API documentation.


With the addition of Ripple, our Spot and Futures API service now offers a combined total of 27 trading pairs across seven cryptocurrency exchanges.

All of our API services are built using Lightning technology and the Lightning Network. All API services are live on Bitcoin’s mainnet. You can connect to our Lightning node at the url:


To learn more about how our Lightning APIs work please visit our API documentation or checkout our new websocket playground to start exploring custom data feeds.