Our mission is to democratize data.  We strongly believe data should be more available to more people.  And that people should be able to use and only pay for the data they want.  As part of that mission, we are changing our per minute pricing for our Crypto Exchange Spot and Futures API services.

Our per minute rate will now be $.0001.   This is reduced from our current $.10 per minute.

Note that while prices are quoted in USD for convenience we still only accept payment in cryptocurrency – specifically bitcoin.

Our Crypto Exchange APIs provide websocket access to streaming data for 32 trading pairs across 7 major cryptocurrency exchanges.

All of our API services are built using Lightning technology and the Lightning Network. All API services are live on Bitcoin’s mainnet. You can connect to our Lightning node at the url:


For detailed information, please visit our API documentation or checkout our new websocket playground to start exploring custom data feeds.