Last week we discussed how digital micro-currencies, specifically Satoshis, are fundamental to understanding the future of data and digital transactions. This week we want to extend this digital currency discussion to what we’re currently working on for our next API: Crypto market exchange data.

We are building a combined websocket feed from three cryptocurrency exchanges. We expect to have four channels: tickers, trades, books and candles. These should be familiar to people active in the cryptocurrency community.

For our first iteration we will be targeting providing a ticker feed for cryptocurrencies. We will iteratively build out the data feeds with standard fields such as:

  • Bid
  • Bid Size
  • Asking price
  • Asking Size
  • Price & Daily Change
  • Last Price
  • Highs & Lows
  • Volume
  • etc

Rather than going to multiple exchanges with separate APIs, we hope to provide a common API for cryptocurrency exchange tickers.

Of course, we will be building this all on the Lightning Network. So that means secure, private and metered consumption where you consume the data you want. We are targeting this fall (September to October) to have this available on testnet.

We believe the future of data is crypto. We are excited by this initial offering and look forward to working with the developer community to evolve and improve this service.